Revelstoke Rock Climbing


Waterworld is a unique and exciting place to climb, all climbs start right out of the deep waters of the Revelstoke Lake. An adventurous style of climbing on steep enjoyable cliffs. All three cliffs face west and have a total height of up to 90 meters. The Waterworld has three large cliffs, Gilligans Island, Voyage Cliff and Gangplank. All three cliffs are accessible from Hwy 23 North with a short walk and several rappels, or for the more adventurous climbers, a canoe paddle up the scenic lake to the start of the steep climbs.

Climbing at Waterworld is definitely more serious then on shorter crags such as Begbie Bluffs or Shaketown. Once you have rappelled you are committed and have to be able to climb at least the easiest route on the crag to make it back up... unless you plan to hitch a ride with an occasional fishing-boat. Further, good rope handling and rappelling skills are important to safely climb at Waterworld.

How to get there and Routes

Please refer to the guide book Revelstoke Rocks.

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Waterworld: Crags & new routes, Revelstoke rock climbing Waterworld: Crags & new routes, Revelstoke rock climbing