Revelstoke Rock Climbing

Revelstoke climbing news

Begbie Bluffs

Raptor Roof: free-climbed in August 2010 by Philippe Blouin, 5.13a

202. The Portal: the fist pitch has poor quality rock. This climb is incorrectly listed as 2 stars in the guidebook Revelstoke Rocks, it has no stars.

Blanket Canyon

IPP: free-climbed in July 2010 by Harry van Oort, 5.12c

92. Tree Rustler: this climb is down-rated to 5.10b, more likely a better rating.

89. War on Terror: Olivier Lardin finished bolting this climb and free-climbed it (5.11c XR) in July 2010, renamed to Conditioner. Unfortunately the start is rather run out and a potential fall could land you in the wild water of Blanket Creek.

Cranberry Cliffs

This is a new area, developed by Ryan and Nic Williams. The Cranberry Cliffs are located 35.9 km south of Revelstoke on Hwy 23 S. All climbs are sport-routes and range from 1 to 2 pitch climbs and from 5.11 to 5.12

New Routes 2010

For details on all new routes refer to the various crags in this web-site.

Victor Lake Wall:

The Ninth Symphony ***, 12 pitches, MIXED 5.11c, Ruedi Beglinger Dean Flick and Eric Dafou, September 2010

Return of the Osprey ***, 12 pitches (360 vert. meters), MIXED PROJECT, Ruedi Beglinger Dean Flick and Cam Molder (project)

Trans Canada, project by Ruedi Beglinger

Begbie Bluffs:

Prozac ***, Popeye Wall, 22 m, SPORT 5.12b, Harry van Oort August, 2010

Cross Town Traffic, Raptor Wall, SPORT 22 m, 5.10a R, Bernie Wiatzka, June 2010

Mulvehill Creek Bridge:

Heavy Wayne ***, 18 m, SPORT 5.11c, Marc Taylor, June 2010

Blanket Creek Bridge:

Dark Matter ***, 30 m, SPORT 5.11b R, Joe Ronan, July 2010

Picnic Blanket ***, 23 m, SPORT 5.12b, Seane Beale, July 2010

Blanket Canyon:

Where the Wild Things are ***, 23 m, SPORT 5.11a, Joe Ronan, July 2010

Fire Blanket ***, 25 m, SPORT 5.10c, Jeff Mitchell, July 2010

Cranberry Cliffs:

Mega Man, 2 pitches, SPORT PROJECT, Nic and Ryan Williams

The Pinecone Philosopher, 2 pitches, SPORT PROJECT, Nic and Ryan Williams

Backhand of Gold ***, 2 pitches, SPORT 5.12b, Nic Williams, summer 2010

Cranberry Crash ***, 2 pitches , SPORT 5.12a, Nic Williams, summer 2010

Juice Monkey **, 29 m, SPORT 5.11c, Nic Williams, summer 2010

Peanut Toffee Buzz ***, 29 m, SPORT 5.11a, Ryan Williams, summer 2010

Wildberry **, 30 m, SPORT 5.11a, Nic Williams, summer 2010

Just Do It **, 25 m, SPORT 5.11a R, Ryan Williams, summer 2010

No Questions Asked **, 25 m, SPORT 5.11a R, Nic Williams, summer 2010

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